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Winners of a Diamond in the Rockies Pool Tournament at Wind River Casino

Poker, poker poker…the Wind River Casino is home to everything poker! Find the best hand and you could win it all at our annual poker tournaments held throughout the year. Only at Wind River will you find the largest pay outs that attract players throughout the country. Our friendly card dealers help keep the excitement up and the anticipation moving! Mark your calendars and make our poker tournaments your next big win!

Jane won the Bad Beat Jackpot at the Winc River Hotel & Casino

Get in the action at the Wind River Casino! Wyoming's only Bad Beat Jackpot Progressive for Texas Hold 'Em Poker. Contact table games for more info.Jane from Encampment WY was the winner of the Bad Beat Jackpot, taking home $8,516, Shawn the winner of the hand for $2,554 and 7 other players were the recipients of $851 a piece. Way to go Jane! The jackpot is now at $10,000. Will you be the next Bad Beat Jackpot winner?

*Does not apply to tournament play.

Wyoming State Championship Poker Tournament
No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Tournament   Nov. 21st
@ 4pm

Entry Fee is $300.00, Players will receive 10,000 in tournament chips
260 Players Max, First Come First Entered

1st Annual Wyoming State Poker Championship 2014

Time to crown a new Poker Champ!

The Wind River Hotel and Casino will host one of the region’s largest poker tournaments this November. Survive all rounds of the Wyoming State Poker Championship and you could be the winner of over $10,000. You can register now at the tablegames pit area. Sign up for the day starts November 21 at 10 a.m. in the Spring Mountain Room (formerly Entertainment Room) with playtime starting at 4 p.m., Entry fee is $300 and a Re-buy for $300. Open to players from all states and countries. Each entrant will be served a complimentary prime rib dinner. Space is limited- only 260 players will be allowed to register. Do well and a piece of the estimated $60,000 pool prize will be yours.

The winner will also win a premium silver championship bracelet and the bragging rights for the year. As a special bonus the state winner will be awarded an entry into the World Series of Poker 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. So step in the ring and let’s see who will be the Wyoming Poker Champion!

Buy in $300.00 receives 10000 in chips
Re buy $300.00 receives 10000 in chips
Administrative add on $50.00 receives 4000 in chips
Dealer add on $50.00 receives 3500 chips

Pay Out Schedule



# of Players Paid

Payout Percentages


  9 1st- 32%   2nd- 20%   3rd- 13.1%   4th- 9.5%   5th- 7%   6th- 5.5%  7th- 4.8%    8th- 4.3%    9th- 3.8%




1st- 30%   2nd- 18%   3rd- 12%   4th- 8.85%   5th- 6.65%    6th-5.5%   7th- 4.5%  8th- 3.5%  9th- 2.75%  10th- 2.25%  11th- 2%    12th-2%   13th-2%




1st-27%   2nd- 16.8%   3rd- 10.2%   4th- 7.5%   5th- 5.6%   6th- 4.6%   7th- 4.05%   8th- 3.55%   9th- 3%   10th- 2.4%   11th- 2.4%   12th- 2.4%   13th- 1.9%  14th- 1.9%   15th- 1.9%   16th- 1.6%   17th- 1.6%   18th- 1.6%

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No Limit Poker
Wednesday & Thursday   Play Starts @ 6PM

Buy-In $20.00, Re-Buy $20.00

1st Annual Wyoming State Poker Championship 2014

Calling All Poker Enthusiasts!

We have an open table for just you! Have fun and sharpen your poker skills every week on Wednesday and Thursday in the No Limit Poker Tournament! Drop in anytime from 6 p.m. to Midnight and place your bets. Registration begins at 5 p.m. The buy-in is $20 and the re-buy is $20. The more players, the larger the winners pot! Vouchers will be handed out to the winners at the end of the tournament. So stop in, play and enjoy yourself at the Wind River Hotel and Casino table games!

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No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Tournament $1,000 added!

Pot Split:
1st-35%   2nd-20%   3rd-12.5%  4th-10%
5th-7.5%  6th-5.5  7th-4%  8th-3%  9th-2.5%

Tournament 2nd & 4th Saturday of each Month

Registration starts @ 2pm on Saturday. Play starts at 4pm. $50 Buy-In equals $3,000 in Tourney Chips. $40 Re-Buy equals $3,000 in Tourney Chips (one re-buy). $20 add on after first break equals $2,000 in Tourney Chips. $20 Dealer add-on receives 2000 in tournament chips. Dealer add-on must be purchased before first hand dealt. Limit to first 180 players.

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