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Mozel Maxwell Parrish, Summer 2013

For Mozel Maxwell Parrish, the kitchen is her playground.

Growing up, Parrish enjoyed helping her mom make cakes and pies for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. Realizing that she could make a career out of being a pastry chef, Parrish wanted to attend culinary school.

Moving to Denver, Parrish started work at a local grocery store in the bakery department. School not working out, she decided to focus on her job and learn all she could about the dessert world.

Rochelle Whiteman, Winter 2013

Growing up, Rochelle Whiteman knew the meaning of hard work.

While living out in the county at Riverview, Whiteman would wake up every morning and help feed the horses, chop wood and complete other household chores.

"I grew up working hard every day to get things done," Whiteman said. "It was pretty much work."

Driving to town and shopping in a store was a treat she looked forward to. READ MORE..

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Freda Phillips, Winter 2013

With the snow falling lightly outside, it looked like the beginning of a Wyoming winter.

While working the front desk at the Wind River Hotel and Casino helping check visitors in, Freda Phillips noticed a man wearing no coat. After pouring himself a hot cup of coffee, the man huddled over the small lobby fireplace and shivered from the chilly October temperature. READ MORE...

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