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We continue to expand into a highly successful, service oriented business organizition for the purpose of enhancing the lifestyles of the members of the Northern Arapaho Tribe. We are always accepting job applications!

The Northern Arapaho

Chief Blackcoal
Chief Blackcoal

For hundreds of years, we lived off the land; the land provided all our needs. Life was prosperous and fulfilling to the Arapaho People, time was of no essences and boundaries extended as far as the eye could see. It was all as our Creator had intended for the Arapaho People.

A massive change would soon sweep though the Northern Hemisphere. This shift brought disease, famine, and assimilation, the Arapaho people diminished from 10,000 strong to 3,000. Government created confinement and the Arapaho were forced to live as the government saw fit. Reservations, boarding schools, and western movement changed the Arapaho way of life forever.

Today, we venture forward. The Arapaho prove to be a resilient, prosperous, and dynamic people in an ever changing world. Language and traditions bond and maintain the Arapaho cultural identity.

The Northern Arapaho Tribe is making a mark in today’s economic society through different ventures. In agriculture, the Arapaho Ranch is one of the country’s largest grass fed cattle operations. In the gaming industry, the tribe is the largest employer in Fremont County through the Wind River Hotel & Casino and its enterprises.

The Arapahos still use their traditional ways and successfully coexist in today’s society.


The Wind River Hotel & Casino is the kingpin of a variety of interwoven business that work in conjunction with the main casino.

In addition to Wind River Hotel & Casino, the Northern Arapaho Tribe has two other casinos. The 789 Smoke Shop and Casino is a mile north of the main casino, it offers gaming and a small cafe as part of a larger truck stop. The smokeshop is the largest purveyor of cigarettes in Wyoming. The Little Wind Casino is 25 miles west on Blue Sky Highway just a mile north of the Ethete stoplight. It offers fine dining at Morning Star Restaurant and a wide selection of gaming choices plus great giveaways and drawings. Our restaurant is the best dining on the Reservation!

The Ethete Convenience store has gas and diesel fuel, a full convenience store and well stocked grocery store along with a short order grill, Paintbrush Grill, that offers a variety of menu items and monthly specials.

The Blue Sky Laundry washes and presses all the linens at the Wind River Hotel & Casino. It also offers a full scale laundromat for local people with 18 commercial washers and 12 commercial dryers. Black Mountain Embroidery provides embroidery and silk screening to tribal members and local communities. They can put your brand on any item! Custom orders are welcome from a one item job to large quantities.

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