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RV SPACES 24 RV SPACES AVAILABLE 120 amp and 50 amp power plugins provided WiFi access $25 a night
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  • Sunday Scratch Off Kiosk – WRC & LWC
  • Classic Monday – WR & LWC
  • Haunted Highway Hot Seats” *WRC FREEPLAY
  • Haunted Highway Hot Seats” *LWC FREEPLAY
  • “PINK & PURPLE Wednesday’s” for “Breast Cancer Awareness” & “Domestic Violence Awareness” @ WRHC & LWC
  • Triple Thursdays” *WR & LWC
  • Frankenstein Dice Friday” *WIND RIVER CASINO FSP
  • Frankenstein Dice Friday” *LITTLE WIND CASINO *FSP
  • STRANGER KIOSK GAME” *Little Wind Casino
  • “Jeepers Creepers”
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The Northern Arapaho Experience Room is located off the lobby of the Wind River Hotel. The walls are adorned with artifacts, painting, photographs and videos of the Arapaho Indians, a museum dedicated to the culture of the Northern Arapaho people of the Wind River Reservation.

Enjoy your stay and take in the history, culture and lore of the region through the Northern Arapaho Experience Room.

Experience Room

Covid Guidelines

Masks Optional


Based on 1712 reviews.
Jeff Fuller
Jeff Fuller
I had hoped the service improved after the Tribe took over management of the casino. Sadly, this isn't the case. They have drastically scaled back the restaurant options and some dining choices have erratic hours. They still serve excellent Indian Tacos which is the only reason I gave two stars instead of one.
Holly Wendel
Holly Wendel
I have stayed at the Hotel a number of times and enjoyed playing in the Casino countless times over the last 10 year's. The Restaurants are all very good. Ceenoku (Snack Bar) has a lot of different options for a quick bite and they have special's like stew n frybread. I really like the Philly Cheese and their Indian Taco's. Red Willow has a fabulous alfredo you can add a chicken or fish to. The menu is small but everything they make is quite delicious. This is more high end dinner foods like steak and lobster. For the price you won't be disappointed on the flavor's or portions. The Sports Book restaurant has regular fare for those who like hamburgers, chicken strips n pizza. I had the bacon blue burger and could only eat half. You get a great bang for your buck. The Hotel rooms are clean and quite comfortable. Pretty sound proof so you won't hear a lot of outside noise. Laundry is on 1st floor, 4 washers n dryers. $2 a wash, $.25 to dry. Water pressure in showers isn't the best and some fixtures like tubs are showing some age. But all in all the rooms are up to date and quite nice with AC that works well. The lobby coffee machine and ice (ice machines on each floor work) are not tended to regularly and this last time was down all together. No breakfast or coupon's for breakfast are given as an perk. They do have some free play, $ off Red Willow (the priciest restaurant), and a 10% discount at the Gift Shop for those staying in Hotel. Gift Shop has a small selection of Native made items and other regular souvenir type stuff. They also sell tobacco products. Customer service is an issue. Employee's seem rather unwelcoming and bothered by customer's. No greeting or offer of assistance. The Casino as a whole can be fun but.. some issues are, Customer service could be quite a bit better. General mood and atmosphere is apathetic and employee's are regularly seen not attending duties but visiting with fellow employee's or customer's. Over the course of 2 days I was offered a beverage only once. Cleanliness could be improved, no longer see machine's being disinfected. Broken machines are a real issue, broken buttons etc. panhandling is a problem, was asked for $ 3x one evening. I do enjoy coming here to stay and gamble. The food is quite good and we always have a decent time.
Laura Cox
Laura Cox
Did not like this place. Had to walk through ppl smoking to get in the door. The mask that are mandatory were being played with by someone. She literally touched every one of them & not on the edge like normal. It smelled like mildew musty mixed with cigarette smoke. I don’t recommend this place. It’s really just creepy gross. (No pictures because you’re not allowed to take any)
Elika Ezekiel
Elika Ezekiel
WHAT A JOKE! WORST casino in America! First visit and after winning on the table I was told 'My Blackjack game was to good' - OK. I was forced to leave or maintain the same bet amount and never decrease or increase my bets throughout the course of playing. What? Yeah, this dumpster fire just wanted to kick me out cuz I was on a ? streak and perhaps cuz I was a Black man. AWFUL EXPERIENCE!
The hotel has a casino (as the name describes). But I went there to see the American Indians' room. The front desk service was BAD and the room never opened. It says it's open from 9am-1pm and from 2pm-5pm well I waited for about an hour from 11:30am to 12:30 and finally left.
Aida K
Aida K
Room was very clean and spacious. Had a nice night and were able to eat at the restaurant, it is quiet and friendly.
Steve Duff
Steve Duff
Rooms are pet friendly and clean. Comfortable bed. Casino is easily accessible from hotel. Somehow the whole location has fallen beck deep into the covid scare. Masks had to be worn at all time. We were inedated with covid tips enough to drive anyone crazy. Love the Casino but won't return until they relax their covid fears.
Kelly King
Kelly King
Casino and facilities are nice however only 4-5 keno/poker machines in the whole place. 99.9% of machines are slots, which I don't care for. A few table games and roulette. My negative opinion is fully based on lack of anything other than slots...